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I agree that Angela is a gorgeous woman, and unbelievably hot. But as a bi woman, I think she'd look even hotter with just a little bit of pussy hair. My husband thinks so too. Angela started out as a model on the (mostly) softcore site AbbyWinters.com, where she sported a nice, well-trimmed patch of pussy hair. She looked so hot, and was a huge fan favorite. She clearly sensed the sexiness of her pussy hair too, as one could see in her solo videos and photo shoots, where she'd tease while she'd slowly remove her panties to reveal her cute little patch, and play with with her pussy hair. (There are even interview videos of her where she herself says pussy hair is sexy.) In the girl-girl scenes, her partners would worship her pussy, always with some pussy hair. Angie (that was the name she went by then), with that that delicious innie pussy of hers all red,wet and swollen, and with a cute little tuft of hair on top, would look like lust personified. But for some reason, since she started doing hardcore, she has been shaving off all the hair from her beautiful, precious pussy. We'd love to see just one hard core video of her where her pussy hair makes a comeback, that's all!
2019-09-13 07:21
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Oh angela very sexy lady

More more
2019-07-02 18:21
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Footnatic99 "This is what a women should look like"

You said it brother!
2019-06-17 22:02
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This is what a women should look like
2019-02-16 15:23
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B/G please!
2018-07-14 07:40
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