A Nice Gesture

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Video Description: Alex Legend, the husband of Aiden Ashley's sibling, unexpectedly arrives at Aiden's house, needing to ask for a favor. Alex reveals that he's trying to treat his wife to something nice to cheer her up but is having trouble because the couple's recently been laid off. He asks if Aiden - who is a masseuse - will give his wife a massage.

Aiden initially refuses,saying that she doesn't massage family members. Alex insists he can't go to another masseuse since he's broke and doesn't want anyone else to know about their financial hardship. Aiden is still hesitant, but Alex is desperate and convinces her to massage HIM as a test.

Aiden asks him to strip down. They both easilystrip down and Alex lays down on the mattress. Aiden rubs oil on herself and Alex and begins the massage, body sliding on him. Alex seems pleased, giving her sincere compliments about her technique. He is enjoying it but is clearly even more excited about what good it'll do for his wife. Aiden's reservations are broken down even more by his sincerity as she becomes more comfortable with the massage.

Alex eventually starts to squirm and look more shy, trying to hide an erection. Aiden sees this and can't help but to become aroused herself. In the heat of the moment, Aiden offers to give Alex a happy ending to help him relax, sliding her hands around his hard cock.

Alex wanted to treat his wife to something nice, but HE'S the one who ended up getting the treat!

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Too much slop. It's like watching jelly fish melting and running down her ass. Nuru needs dial it back. Virtually all women in porn have great asses. WTF would fuck them up by hiding the natural asses with the slop. THUMBS DOWN
2021-05-08 04:43
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So this was a marked improvement over past Nuru Massage (or Family Sex Massage, though we’ll get to that aspect in a minute) episodes. Aiden looked great, the focus was on her, she was nude first, we didn’t have to watch the dude undress, he didn’t run his mouth, we got to hear her, the sex worked up in it’s intensity along with the pleasure emoting which all lead to a crashing crescendo towards the end – highly appropriate. I liked the squirting, always do.

I very much like the massage portion where Aiden would give us her ass, showing it off in doggy while going up and down his body. I loved some of the peeks we got at her feet during this though often I felt a little put out as the camera would keep them just off the edge of the frame. She was placing them perfectly on his chest and collarbone but it kept being ignored. Still, the doggy portion was amazing for the massage section, loved those views.

I’ve given Aiden grief in lesbian films about her unrealistic pleasure emoting. Towards the end here she sounds much the same as during those lesbian scene but there is a KEY difference: she worked up to it. It did not start off that way, she did not over sell it, not from the first bit of penetration (whereas during the lesbian scenes the first barest lap of a pussy often sends her into histrionics, or the non-stop hum/keen when eating pussy) – none of those things happened. She hopped on, even had to work that cock into her, as it looked to be filling her up nicely, and things kept building and building, in passion, heat and intensity to the peaks, the heights near the end. That’s good pacing there.

I also really liked the way Aiden’s body looked and her pussy while standing there, nude, in the beginning? Holy hell, gorgeous. I also loved the way her clit looked while getting fucked, very hot.


Now, with the sweet comes the sour.

There’s no family roleplay. The only thing that is mentioned is talking about Aiden’s sister. There is literally nothing mentioned about them being brother/sister-in-law, no dirty talk about it, it’s entirely dodged.

Aiden talks about doing the massage with her sister … who isn’t in the scene. It’s not family roleplay to talk about the family member who isn’t in the scene guys. Come on. Do you realize how tame and vanilla that is? This would have been 100% more enjoyable without the shoehorned inclusion of this – it only aggravates: those who like family roleplay, like myself, this is incredibly lacking; those who don’t like it, will wonder why they tried to shoehorn it into the scene when it’s not even a scene about it, really.

Is this the future of family roleplay on Adult Time?

Let’s examine the 7 instances:

“I mean, my sister has always been so hard on herself.” - Aiden

“I mean, I'm gonna have to call my sister on that one.” - Aiden

“Oh, my god! I have to call my sister.” - Aiden

“It's gonna be a little awkward to do to my sister.” - Aiden

“I can see why my sister likes you.” - Aiden

“Oh, my gosh! I definitely see why my sister likes you.” - Aiden

“We may not want to tell my sister that you got the massage from me.” - Aiden

You think that is “family roleplay”? That is watering down, diluting it to the point that it doesn’t even qualify, it doesn’t even count. Very tame. Very lame.

Again, is this what you are aiming to do to the family roleplay genre? Water it down until it’s meaningless? I’d rather you just axed it now, got it over with, instead of making fans of it like myself to watch it die a slow, withering death. Just get it over with now, don’t drag it out.


Overall a really good episode, despite the frustration over the supposed “family roleplay”. And Joanna – props to you for directing a non-tongue in cheek and over the top scene. I appreciate it, I do, and I think you know that I’m not bullshitting in the least there. lol Now, in the scene, she refers to you and her, Aiden, as sisters. You aren’t sisters in real life are you? I ask because, well, I thought I could see some resemblance there, and if you aren’t … well, with this scene putting it out there in the storyline and myself seeing the resemblance – this is an opportunity! I’d love for Adult Time and Girlsway to dial up a scene with you two, family roleplay as sisters, but like you’d mentioned in your Mommy’s Girl episode with Gia, showing your “sensual side” that you do have. (Like I saw in that three-way with you, Blue and Ailya Brynn that I so loved). With Aiden here displaying a great sensual side to her here, and the resemblance, and your desire to prove those naysayers in the comment section wrong (me one of’em at the time!) I think it could be a well and true goddamn real life story arc that results in a bang up Girlsway scene between the two of you. Intimate. Tender. Sensual. And with all the good family roleplay dirty talk about being sisters. (Even do the squirting too, but build up to it, work up to it for those final huge crescendos!)
2021-05-07 22:03
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She's hotter as a brunette.
2021-05-07 07:44
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My god, Aiden is so stunning. As soon as she took off her robe, I thought I was going to faint. Great scene, she's amazing.
2021-05-07 02:17
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Dear everyone,
I really missing 69ing and 71ing very much!!!
For me it is a real pleasure to see persistent, intense and long 69. Of course, three points of view are important. First, of course, to see a full length view from the side and oblique view. Second, the look at the male sex (sucking cock and sucking balls) and third, the best look at the female sex as well as the beautiful female butt (licking vagina and asshole, licking clitoris, fingering vagina and asshole, ...) Of course it would be also wonderful to see 71.
For me it is the most wonderful and perfect to see 69 and 71 because you can see female and male oral sex here at the same time.
Thanks a lot. All the best.
2021-04-26 04:24
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Please members, if you give a negative vote; please write why. Thanks a lot. All the best. We all have a speech to discuss!!!
2021-05-07 06:28
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Frank Stacy | Adult Time
Hey Mastermind! My gut feeling would be that the downvotes on your comments might be about the fact that you mention that you miss 69 on every single scene.
2021-05-07 08:03
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Mastermind, I Like The Fact That You Stick To Your Position No Matter How The Trolls Vote. Its Much Better Than Gooch Who Dislikes Everything & Nit Picks To Littlest Detail.
2021-05-07 08:35
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Come on Bob, can't you do better in trying to take a shot than that?
2021-05-07 09:32
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I mean he's stating a fact, not taking a shot. If you feel its a shot then maybe change what you're doing
2021-05-07 12:48
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Nah, not a fact at all. It's engaging meaningfully with the content, the opposite of of ol' Mastermind here.

It is indeed a shot and a poor one, much like all of Bob's attempts.

It's not the first time they've followed me around and tried to do the same. It won't be the last. And each and every one of them have been measured and found lacking in their lackadaisical approach.

It's almost like you all think folks are supposed to not have an opinion. What the absolute fuck is the comment section for if it's not to express yourself as you so desire, within the boundaries set by Adult Time?

The umbrage that you folks take at someone engaging meaningfully with the content I will never, ever understand.

And beyond that, the feeling I'm getting, with all of you nut-huggers following me around and commenting and my commenting, it's almost like more and more of you are tuning in to the Uploads just to read MY comments. Must be doing something right if so many people pay so much attention to them, huh?

Once again, you, Bob, all of the others, that talk all of the shit?

Do better. Try harder.
2021-05-07 22:04
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Dear Frank Stacy, dear everybody, why do you not like to see 69ing and 71ing? Is it not sexy or erotic?
2021-05-09 02:51
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