A Special Gift For Dad

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Video Description: Aidra Fox is happily chatting away with a friend on the phone when she notices a date circled on a calendar. Her heart skips a beat when she realizes that today's her step-father's birthday -- and she forgot it AGAIN!

She hangs up the phone and hurries to a nearby closet in a panic. Thankfully, her mother is a bit of a hoarder, so Aidra desperately looks for something that she can regift, although she pauses briefly when she comes across a mattress and NURU gel. She shakes her head and drags the stuff out of the way and continues searching, but is startled when her step-dad, Charles Dera, suddenly rounds the corner.

Since she doesn't want to admit to having forgotten his birthday yet again, Aidra insists that she's going to give him a massage for his birthday! Although Charles is touched, he's also amused, telling Aidra that the type of massage that her mother gives him on that mattress isn't appropriate for THEM to do... But Aidra is determined to see this through, so Charles finally gives into accepting a NURU massage from his step-daughter.

When Charles strips down, Aidra is taken aback by how sexy her dad is! She's suddenly overwhelmed by the newfound attraction to him, quickly following suit and getting naked herself. Once they're both on the mattress, she oils them up and begins massaging him. Caught up in the heat of the moment, she tries to seduce Charles... Even though Charles resists at first, Aidra soon convinces him to enjoy his special birthday gift to the fullest! No one ever has to know!

Aidra starts by taking Charles' cock into her mouth, but it's not long before she eagerly climbs on top of him and takes that cock into her pussy. As they both lose themselves to the moment, Aidra's already thinking about what to give her dad for his birthday next year!

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I LOVE the bush. Most women, when standing, show nothing. It is nice to see the triangle of bush pointing to heaven. Why this bald shit started I will never understand. The lips can be shaved for great oral and still have a bush above. Why can we not compromise?
2020-11-21 14:19
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"Aidra looks so much hotter when she has her pussy completely shaved"

To each their own. For me every woman looks better with a nice bush.
2020-11-08 17:06
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Aidra looks so much hotter when she has her pussy completely shaved
2020-10-12 10:24
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who uses sex lube as a massage oil? its looked like they were fucking in camel snot with all the stringers sticking between them. started out softcore, if not fluff-core. then after much delay, some triple X actually started happening. Highlights in scene was her riding on top with the camera on the right spot. (minus all the sticky snot lube) The build up was nice and acting decent in porn. but in my opinion, if a scene is gonna be this long there has to be more happening. Final verdict. this is girl friendly porn and very tame for a hardcore porn sight. I could have sworn back in the day when i first was a subscriber, that there was a area o this mega sight where really freaky action could be seen. Wish that was still the case.
2020-06-21 14:51
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I miss 69ing very much.
2020-06-20 02:44
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