A Very Competitive Family

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Video Description: London River is waiting impatiently for her step-daughter Paige Owens at the massage parlor reception. When Paige finally shows up, London tells her that she needs her to take over for the rest of the day. Paige hates giving NURU massages, so she's not exactly happy about this. But just then, Isiah Maxwell walks in for his massage appointment. Both ladies are completely smitten when they get a look at him.

Biting her lip, London suddenly decides that SHE'LL take care of Isiah. But Paige insists that she'll give him the massage. After arguing for a few minutes, they finally decide that they'll BOTH give him a massage.

The massage begins and Paige and London are instantly sparring over who can please Isiah most...in EVERY way imaginable.

This is one competitive family...not that Isiah is complaining!!

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Give so much that subtitles are added late
2020-12-26 12:27
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more mother daughter release for week.
2020-12-26 03:58
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subtitles plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
2020-12-26 03:55
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What a waste of time! Well past half way through and still waiting - not a single "mom" or "daughter" comment
2020-12-25 03:39
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Black Starr
Nice! More IR FFM in 2021! It's overdue.
2020-12-25 00:49
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