Another Crazy Idea Of Yours...!

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Video Description: Two business partners, Reagan Foxx and Derrick Pierce, are talking about the NURU craze, which is all about using LOTS of oil for VERY sensual massages. As massage parlor owners, they have to be on top of trends to keep clients coming in. While Reagan is all for tryingout NURU, Derrick isn't so sure. It's just that Reagan is ALWAYS coming to him with crazy ideas and some of them are REALLY BAD. Whatif this one is just as bad as the others? But Reagan is SURE this idea will work and, after some back-and-forth, she manages to convinceDerrick to at least TRY NURU himself.

Reagan soon has them both strip down and on a mattress. Derrick is still unsure about it, especially once Reagan starts oiling up their bodies. However, once she starts slipping and sliding, pressing her gorgeous breasts against his bare skin, Derrick slowly starts coming around... By the end of the massage, when Reagan coyly suggests that they jump on another trend, happy endings, Derrick is all up for it. As he sinks his dick into Reagan's pussy, he realizes that maybe this crazy idea of Reagan's isn't so crazy after all!

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Sorry for tattoo lovers... Reagan's beautiful tanned body and then a zebra just don't get along.
2021-05-02 10:26
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I love it when Reagan and Derrick have scenes together. They have such wonderful chemistry. Also, it is nice to see two people the same age having amazing sex.
2020-12-11 23:44
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Really enjoyed this one because they are similar in age and there is no begging.
2020-12-11 21:19
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I usually don't like Nuru Massage scenes, but this one was really good!
2020-12-11 11:50
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TOP 5 MILF!!!!!
2020-12-11 09:56
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