But You Two Are Step-Sisters...!

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Video Description: Jane Wilde is celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend, Codey Steele, and has a special idea in mind... but needs some help! She goes to her step-sister, Chanel Grey, and asks if she can practice massaging her since that's what she wants to give Codey as a gift. BUT the massage is a sexy one with oils, so it takes a bit of convincing. Luckily, after some hesitation, Chanel is game!

The ladies soon get the gel and a mattress, stripping down and making themselves comfortable. As Jane practices the erotic massage, pressing their naked, oily bodies together, the two step-sisters unexpectedly become aroused. Caught up in the heat of the moment, they get down and dirty, eager to put the oil to even more use. Jane is all too happy eating out Chanel's pussy and even rubbing her boobs all over it. It seems as though her boyfriend is the furthest thing from Jane's mind right now...

But then Codey unexpectedly arrives, planning to surprise Jane early but instead getting a surprise himself! Although the sisters feel guilty, they think fast and invite Codey to join them. Now, even if Codey is a bit stunned, how can he turn down a hot invitation like THAT?

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sorry adult time, I just can't take it anymore, big ass thumbs down on the fuckin giggling idiot. i feel bad for Jane
2021-04-12 22:11
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/what the fuck, does she ever stop fuckin giggling, damn!!!!!!
2021-04-12 22:06
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Great scene. If you got rid of the women and it would have been perfect.
2020-12-08 13:10
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Glad to see Codey Steele featured, one of the best male performers in the business. Hope you use him again and again, he's great.
2020-11-13 05:49
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My dream!!
2020-11-13 05:42
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