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Video Description: Dakota Skye is a masseuse that accidentally keeps double-booking clients. After her boss threatens her job if she does it one more time, she checks her schedule after he leaves and sees that she did it AGAIN! Determined not to lose her job, she decides to massage BOTH of her clients, Ramon Nomar and Alex Legend, at the same time. Surely it can't be THAT hard?

As she flits from one room to the next, preparing the men for their NURU massages, it's clear she's overwhelmed. Both Ramon and Alex are surprised by how hasty and spacey Dakota is. Her brief, erotic touches turn them both on, though they are denied the attention they REALLY want since she's all over the place!

Finally, when Dakota is naked and sliding all over Alex, things heat up and she loses track of time. Ramon soon walks in on them, demanding to know what's going on. Both Ramon and Alex quickly realize that she's been dividing her attention between them, only giving them HALF of what they're entitled to. However, not all is lost... Ramon and Alex agree not to tell her boss about this mishap if she fully gives herself to both of them!

Dakota has no complaints as Ramon and Alex both go to town on her pussy and mouth, enjoying this turn of events. When she finds herself deliciously sandwiched between them and double-penetrated, she realizes she has a surefire way to keep her clients happy if she ever double-books again!

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Two hot men in one scene. Way to go.
2020-04-20 01:59
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Do straight guys like all the tattoos that women have now days?
2020-03-29 01:45
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2020-04-25 07:38
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next time triple-booked
2020-01-20 05:36
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Amazing scene. Hope to see more from Dakota and more anal/DP. Thank you
2019-10-06 04:38
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Good choice of actress for your first DP.
2019-10-04 15:23
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