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Video Description: When Kurt Lockwood came for his regular Nuru Massage therapy, he didn't expect to see his ex babysitter Elsa Jean. Elsa is a petite blond haired bomb shell with perky boobs and a perfect round ass that Kurt cannot refuse. Elsa promises him that this time, she will be babysitting his sexual desires. Elsa lathers his body with soap in the shower as they begin kissing sensually and Elsa begins stroking his long hard cock. They proceed to the bathtub where Elsa gets on her knees and continues sucking his cock with vigor. Kurt can't hold his load much longer with Elsa's expert cock sucking skills, but she has more to show her crush on the Nuru mattress. Elsa lathers her silky body with gel and glides herself over Kurt's bare back. She grinds her shaved pussy all over his cock, anxious to have her hole filled. She continues to suck his cock making it nice and wet before asking his permission to be fucked. Kurt glides his dick inside Elsa's moist pussy, thrusting deeply inside her tight hole and making her moan exuberantly through multiple orgasms. Kurt slaps his hard cock on Elsa's pussy lips, and with a final blow busts his long overdue load inside his babysitter's mouth!

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Elsa is a banger, she Sikwidit.
2020-11-06 20:35
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well scene is of high quality for sure. female friendly. something to watch with your wife or girlfriend. but if your girl is anything like mine then this scene much like most of these scenes on site will be too tame for the freaks that we are. at times it left us wondering if we were watching hardcore porn or a scene on late night cable cinemax. more of a tease for us. but for the un jaded porn watchers or new to porn. its should be good enough to motivate a nut.
2020-07-20 14:18
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This one is really good. Elsa's delivery is excellent, too.
2016-08-21 18:00
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Had been looking forward to this scene since you released it in the upcoming section because Elsa is one of my favs.. Then I read the description and noticed it was my fantasy!

Well hats off to your team.. and hats off to Elsa Jean. 10/10 great scene!
2016-08-19 22:52
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doesn't look old enough to be his babysitter ;)
2016-08-19 19:41
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