Family Friction 3: Lonely Dad's Dilemma

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Video Description: Kenna James, who is still glowing from just having sex with her step-sister, Carolina, is excited when her step-dad, Eric Masterson, returns home. He's just as excited to see her since she's only home from college for a short while. Yet, Kenna doesn't waste any time getting down to business, telling him she's heard that he and Dee, her step-mom from a previous marriage to her biological dad, have been having a hard time lately.

Eric is flustered as he insists that he supports his wife having a massage parlor business, but she's just gone all the time. He doesn't even get massages from her anymore -- he misses the intimacy!

That gives Kenna an idea: SHE can give him a massage! Eric instantly rejects the offer since he often gets a much more erotic massage from Dee... Not to be deterred, Kenna says she can do an erotic massage, too. They should do what they can to relieve the stress so that they can stay strong as a family!

Although he's hesitant, Eric finally gives in. Maybe he'll be able to think about the situation more clearly once the edge is taken off...

Kenna happily strips down with Eric, soon making use of the NURU equipment Dee left at home. As she pours oil all over Eric's body, she's eager to please in order to help her step-dad. Finally, once they're both glistening and aroused, she goes down on Eric. When he's hard and slick, she repositions herself over his hips and accepts his cock into her pussy. As she rides Eric to orgasm, all she can hope is that this fling will help hold the family together!

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II love, love, love massage videos that are done well (leisurely) like this one.

A subscription to Team Skeet comes with access to dozens of sites, including one called rubateen. It seems to be a Czech site, which explains why every one of the customers is a young and super-hot, fair-skinned girl (including some with Asian features) who speaks a European language.

Of the 109 videos on rubateen (which is #33 on the list of Team Skeet sites), I especially enjoy the early ones in which, before spending lots of time massaging the girls’ buttocks, the masseur places a rolled towel under her hips so as to elevate the buttocks and cause them to spread apart to reveal her butthole, thereby giving the camera=us viewers a magnificent, super-intimate view.
2019-10-24 22:31
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This dude fucks as old as he looks...
2019-07-15 15:26
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Well, he is the dad.
2019-07-15 18:27
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“This dude is as old as he looks.”

Masterson rolls Kenna into the best of all positions for getting a girl off –the spooning position, which tells me that he is highly experienced.

To verify that assumption, I looked him up on iafd, and here is what I learned:
-he is 49 year of age
-he began his career at age 28
-during those 21 years, he acquired 1126 performer credits—an average of 54/year (>1 per week)

Here is why the girls get off so easily in this position:
-while the guy’s dick is thrusting in her vagina (or anus)
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-meanwhile, he can use his hands to finger her nipples with one hand
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In summary, spooning allows the guy to use four different modes, simultaneously, in an effort to get the girl off.

Imagine you are the girl:
-at the same time that you are being fucked in your pussy or your butt
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Manuel Ferrera has mastered this technique. He gets the girls off so many times that he is regularly rewarded by them asking to swallow his entire massive load. For the evidence of that statement, check out his scene with Naomi Woods (“I’m going to swallow it all”—and she does but needs two gulps to get it all down).

To see the magnificent Kendra Sunderland BEG him to allow her to swallow, check out their scene on Vixen. Use headphones when listening from the beginning so you don’t miss Kendra whispering”

“I brought you a gift.”

“You did?”

“It’s standing in front of you.”

While standing in front of him holding a drink in a beautiful setting, Kendra is wearing a super-hot, low-cut red dress, with her magnificent, giant boobs begging to be allowed out.

Look carefully, and you will notice that she is trembling.

Kendra is trembling, because she knows that, in just a few more minutes, she will be having the hottest on-camera sex she has ever experienced.
2019-10-24 23:11
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We LOVE Kenna :)
2019-07-15 13:38
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@Admin_Martin: "We LOVE Kenna :)"

This is only my second day on your site, so this comment may be premature.

I use your site by scrolling through your list of over 10,000 “pornstars”—and if there is one hotter than Kenna James, I have not yet found her.

P.S. Kudos! to the hair and makeup departments for Kenna’s superb makeup and hair.
2019-10-24 23:25
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Kenna, HOT DAMN...

So sexy, spunky and all natural.
2019-07-13 21:31
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Kenna is a Goddess. More of this would be great.
2019-07-13 08:28
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