Friends Reacquainted

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Video Description: Angela White and Ryan Driller are both doing their exercise routines on opposite sides of a gym. They keep stealing glances at each other until Angela's face lights up with recognition. She approaches him, revealing that they're old friends that have drifted apart! Although their meeting is brief since Ryan has to run, they exchange numbers and promise to catch up soon.

Angela soon finishes her routine and arrives at the massage parlor where she works. She debates sending Ryan a text already, not wanting to seem desperate, although she doesn't have to since Ryan shows up as her next client! Ryan insists he didn't know she worked there and that it must've been fate that they ran into each other twice in one day. Angela's heart flutters as she breathlessly agrees, then begins an erotic NURU massage.

Although they are both shy of the physical touch at first, it doesn't take long before an old flame is rekindled between them. The massage turns hot and heavy as they aim for a happy ending for both of them. Angela lavishes Ryan's cock with attention and soon positions herself above Ryan, welcoming his cock into her pussy. As they take care of years of sexual frustration and longing, is this the start of something they've both wanted all along?

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Soleman 77
Angela must be a nightmare to those who love tiny super skinny girls .
2020-01-01 09:29
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2019-10-11 18:35
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Angela is a genius ,not only as a performer but as an emotive roleplay artist and a content creator
I think sexually she is an alpha force matched only by Romi Rain & Ariella Ferrera
2019-10-05 18:23
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Angie could be in every single scene in this site and it wouldn’t be enough for me. Great work.
2019-09-14 18:16
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Now that's a first for me and I'd like to see more of it. This scene truly depicts a love scene between a man and a woman. They portrayed 2 people that had real feelings for each other. Angela was controlling the pace in the beginning and Ryan made love like it was meant to be....non of the 'pile driving' and essentially only concerned with the money shot at the end.
thank you Angela and Ryan for a sensual loving performance .
2019-09-13 13:54
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Very well said .
2019-10-06 16:08
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