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Video Description: Masseuse Paige Owens is wandering around and tidying up her private massage room, getting ready for her next appointment. She looks distracted and unhappy. Her client, Jay Smooth, knocks on the door then enters, warm and chipper, but grows concerned when he sees Paige. He asks her if everything's ok.

Paige pauses for a moment, then sighs. She admits that she's recently broken up with her girlfriend. But when Jay asks why they broke up, she's shifty as she brushes it off, not giving a straight answer.

Jay is sympathetic, being genuine, and insists that he can rebook for another day if she needs some time to herself.

Although he doesn't yet know it, Paige has recently developed a physical attraction towards Jay. But she tries to deny it to herself, insisting that they can go ahead with the massage.

Paige then gives Jay a massage, noticing details about his body that seem to fluster her.

Soon, she's almost lost in his body - until she suddenly realizes she got distracted, and is embarrassed as she abruptly ends the massage and hurries him out the door. Once he's gone, she catches her breath and fans herself off, saying she has no idea why she feels so weird and tingly.

A week later, Jay arrives for his massage. Paige becomes even more attracted to Jay as she gives him a NURU massage. Midway through the body sliding, Jay accidentally gets a hard-on and ends the session early, worried that he's offended Paige.

Paige is aroused and masturbates after he leaves, trying to figure out why she has these feelings for him, since she's a lesbian. She realizes it's purely physical but is still in denial.

The next week, Paige has another appointment with Jay. During a NURU massage, she finally admits to having a physical attraction to him and wanting to explore. He is surprised but agrees.

There's no denying it - Paige is definitely GUY-curious!

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sometimes she really reminds me to the very 1st Princess Leia. Is it just 4me...?
by the way she and he are super nice, Mrs. Owens has great body and very sexy "japanese" (pointy) nipples, she and the story are very enjoyable!
2021-04-04 21:01
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I like when men are vocal though. Porn isn't just for men alone anymore, it has to cater to everyone.

"I have an issue with a lot of modern adult entertainment, the B/G genre prominently, and it involves the male talent and what I perceive to be unrealistic, rapid fire, over the top, yells moans and bellows (coupled with a few shouted directions like "Push!" and the like). This is a total turn-off, for a few reasons - it's comes off as trite, fake, and more importantly it so very often drowns out the female talents performance in the audio mix, which for me and my tastes is a turn-off. There is a growing list of male performers that I just can't watch, knowing that however hot that preview looks, they're going to insist on being the audio centerpiece instead of the female talent being that.

This isn't that.

Just the opposite. The male talents performance was spot on - convincing moans, appropriately placed, even the method by which he became aroused was more palatable; starting soft with Paige's natural beauty, her naked body, and her touches and caresses slowly bring it to life. Everything was so well paced, and like I'd mentioned, mixed really well, I cant' give enough props to the director(s) and the talent for those areas especially (Paige of course being the star of the show despite my ramblings about male talent and audio, just so naturally damned attractive, not to mention her performance, it's hard to take the eyes off her). I especially liked her caressing and groping at the male talents chest, his pecs, it was either damned fine acting or she really seemed into feeling them beneath her hands. But yes, hats off!
2021-03-28 23:18
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what a babe - i love Paige
2020-11-09 14:48
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Paige was amazing in this. Her ass was probably the best one I've seen in a while.

Might have been the oil but she was just too sexy!
2020-11-05 13:40
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an amazing scene, very attractive talent, good set up, great sex
2020-11-01 13:50
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