Massaged By My Ex

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Video Description: Masseur Alex Legend arrives for his shift, and a fellow masseur asks him to take their client, which Alex agrees to. When his colleague tells him the customer's name, Alex's eyes slowly widen with alarm and he swallows hard at the realization of it being the same name as his ex-girlfriend's. 'Uh...'

His colleague claps him on the shoulder, thanking him while hurrying away. 'Thanks, Alex! You're a lifesaver!' the colleague calls out on their way out. 'No, wait! Come back-- aw, dammit!' Alex curses after trying to call his hurrying colleague back but failing. Alex is still left in shock as he says to himself, 'I mean, it might not even be her... Lena is a pretty common name...'

A few moments later, Alex's client enters the room. His eyes widen in shock when he realizes that it IS his ex, Lena Paul. As soon as Lena recognizes Alex, she is furious, asking him what the hell he's doing here? Alex answers that he's been working here for a couple of months.

Lena demands another masseur but he insists it's just him now. She's about to leave but he begs her to stay to help his colleague out. They also admit that their breakup was inevitable, which seems to soften them both a bit.

Finally, Lena agrees to stay. She warily takes her clothes off and lays down on the massage table. As Alex begins massaging her, Lena's very tense, though she gradually begins relaxing as Alex specifically targets spots he knows will make her moan. They reflect on how hot their sex was as the moment builds in intensity. Finally, the tension boils over and Lena grabs Alex for a heated kiss. Alex strips off his clothes and slides his already-hard dick into Lena's pussy as she gasps.

Alex and Lena are picking up right where they left off...

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, NightOwl61a!

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Can you post all pictures? Not just 35?
2019-11-11 15:16
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You people could not have cast this episode better for me. What man would not want to massage the luscious Lena Paul? And the chemistry between her and Alex Legend was fun to watch. I love the pink flush that covers Lena's face and neck as she heats up in this scene. These massage scenes are special because of the man's hands being allowed to thrill to the woman's supple flesh. But in addition to that, you gave me sex in the prone position, some wonderful grinding of Lena's hips in the cowgirl position, and full body contact in that same position when Alex pulls her down on top of him. This was an amazing episode and is now in my favorites list. A minor suggestion: Alex could have added even more passion to the scene by getting his hands in Lena's hair more during the kissing. Her hair is sooooo gorgeous.
2019-10-29 12:48
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