Mom's Perfect Little Angel

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Video Description: Codey Steele arrives for his scheduled massage with his regular masseuse, Christie Stevens. He's confused to see Jillian Janson there, who is introduced to him as Christie's step-daughter. Christie cluelessly insists that Jillian had to stay at home today because of smallpox going around, so is it okay with him if she sits in on the massage? Although Codey is a bit shy, and also suspicious of Jillian having blatantly lied to get out of school, he agrees.

When Codey strips down and Christie begins giving him a traditional massage, Jillian shows a naughty side that her mother is apparently oblivious about. Codey is stunned as Jillian starts secretly doing everything from miming giving him a blowjob to outright masturbating, all while Christie innocently rambles on about what a perfect angel her daughter is. Whenever Codey tries to call Christie's attention to it, though, Jillian acts as though nothing's happened, playing her mom like a fiddle.

Finally, Jillian takes a gamble and suggests to Christie that they try the new NURU technique on Codey. Christie is delighted, thinking Jillian wants to follow in her footsteps as a masseuse, although Codey knows differently. Aroused and perplexed, he gives in, allowing the mother-daughter duo to give him a NURU massage. Of course, because of Jillian's sinful ways, she convinces her gullible mom to go the extra mile and give Codey a happy ending as well.

Codey has the best massage experience of his life as both women readily go down on him, getting him ready for the real fun. Jillian is triumphant to get her way as Codey slides his cock into each of them in turn while Christie still thinks this is all business as usual. Maybe Jillian should become a real masseuse after all!

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i've seen this now for 3. time, it's just sooo good! porn must be fun and playfull, and this scene does it very well
2020-04-04 20:22
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Oh wow. The disease excuse really aged well on this one.
2020-04-03 04:42
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Jeez. I wonder how the obese assed dudes that slut shame women for their bodies feel when they see all their bloated blubber in the mirror. Yuck! The nerve of you ugly fuckers shaming women for their looks. Yeah, you - user_23443649. You are an arse. You too, user_23742290. Bet ya just wanna grab Jillian by the pussy, huh? Misogynistic arseholes.
2019-12-04 02:17
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more like this family sex massage
2019-10-24 03:47
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I'm so tired of old flabby women in porn, I wish the whole "MILF" trend would die a swift death.
2019-10-18 12:33
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why don't you go somewhere else, if ya see an "old" woman in the preview? and what's your next move? complaining about grannies in a granny niche or site?
2020-03-15 20:05
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