My Mother-In-Law Hates Me

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Video Description: Scarlett Mae and her husband Billy sit on the couch together. They are talking and seem to be in the midst of a disagreement. Scarlett doesn't look happy. Billy is trying to sooth Scarlett, reassuring her that his mom, Elexis Monroe, will only be staying with them for a few days, adding that she's only in town to interview for a job and look for new homes at the same time.

Scarlett is uncomfortable with the idea of Elexis staying with them, insisting that Elexis hates her--she doesn't know WHY, but she feels like she ALWAYS has. Billy responds that even though Elexis and Scarlett don't get along and aren't exactly best friends, Elexis doesn't hate her. At that moment, the doorbell rings. Billy goes to answer it.

Billy opens the door and greets Elexis. They hug affectionately and exchange pleasantries as she comes into the house. Elexis and Scarlett exchange stiltedly polite greetings. Clearly, neither is comfortable with the other's presence. Elexis mentions that her massage table is in the car. Billy offers to go get it for her and set it up for her in the spare room. He hurries out, leaving the women alone with each other.

They sit on the couch in awkward silence. Massage table? Scarlett asks. In a clipped and curt tone, Elexis explains that she is now a masseuse and the job she's interviewing for is at a massage parlor. Ah, Billy didn't tell her that Elexis had taken up massaging, Scarlett says.

A short time later, Billy has just finished setting up the massage table. Elexis appraises it happily, thanking him and again expressing her appreciation for letting her stay with him. Elexis then mentions that she needs someone to practice her massage technique with. Billy suggests that Scarlett be the guinea pig. Both women are very reluctant but ultimately agree. Billy leaves them alone.

Scarlett is hesitant to take her clothes off for the massage and finally agrees after Elexis suggests that she keep her bra and panties on. After Scarlett lies face down on the table, Elexis puts a towel over Scarlett's ass and begins to massage Scarlett. The massage is tentative and cautious, as if Elexis is holding back to avoid going too far with Scarlett. Neither woman seems happy.

As the massage continues, they try to make polite small talk, but it is labored and awkward. Eventually, Scarlett can't take the awkwardness anymore and suggests that they just stop, since it's obvious that Elexis is holding back. Elexis instead says that she will no longer hold back.

Elexis resumes the massage, now massaging Scarlett expertly. Scarlett is clearly enjoying it. Soon, Elexis asks Scarlett to flip over onto her back. Her hands slide under Scarlett's bra and attempt to massage Scarlett's breasts.

Scarlett snaps out of her daze and stops Elexis. What is she doing? Elexis explains that there is a lot of tension that resides in the breasts, so it's important that she gives them proper care. would be much easier if Scarlett took her bra off. Scarlett is hesitant, but when Elexis adds that SHE'S the one who asked her not to hold back and this is a technique that she REALLY needs to practice for the interview, Scarlett agrees and takes her bra off.

Elexis massages Scarlett's breasts. The massage becomes more sexual in nature. Soon, Elexis touches Scarlett's pussy. She confesses to Scarlett that she doesn't hate her--she is actually attracted to her and that's why she's always kept her distance.

Looks like Elexis DEFINITELY isn't holding back anymore!

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, lezlover69_69!

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I liked this scene. I thought it was a good story, and I liked the casting choice. I love Elexis, and I thought Scarlett was a good choice to be paired with her in this scene.
2020-02-10 12:54
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Nice sex!!
2020-01-19 01:21
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I love Scarlet but these massage scenes just aren't my jam
2019-11-17 18:50
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It is always good to have Elexis in a scene, one can never overdose on her, and Scarlett was terrific as the unsuspecting daughter in law. both actresses showed their great pussy licking/eating skills. both had very wet juicy pussies and had lots of juice on their chins. That is really hot to see. Elexis in particular had some really nice wet sticky strings of pussy juice coming from her chin as she licked Scarlett. Great to see. It was great to see the nipples come out to play as the actresses became aroused, the kissing was very good and the close ups of the pussies was exceptional

All that said, the tribbing sequences had the actresses poorly positioned and were poorly filmed if one was interested in seeing, close up, the pussies mash against each and show the wet sticky strings as the pussies pull apart, I am one of those who really like to see that action. There was always a leg in the way and the cameras did not move to get the best angles. That was disappointing as Elexis is one of the trib queens of GG porn. To be clear my complaint is with the filming, not the actresses. The actresses were enthusiastic and seemed to be having some very nice orgasms.

All in all an excellent scene and my thanks to Elexis, Scarlett and crew.
2019-10-31 12:37
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this FAMILY SEX MASSAGE series is one of adulttimes better series. keep it up.
2019-10-31 06:12
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