Next Door Massage

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Starring Rubi Valentine, Chase
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Video Description: Chase is surprised when his neighbor, Rubi Valentine, shows up at his house to promote her new massage business. He initially has no interest, but seems intrigued when she indicates she's desperate for work. He carefully asks her exactly what kind of massage she's offering. Rubi innocently explains that she offers a deep-tissue massage.

Sensing that he may be able to get more than just a massage, Chase pretends to be disinterested until she eventually offers him a free massage, right then and there. He agrees.

In his bedroom, Rubi gives Chase a massage and the vibe soon turns sexual. She wants to take things further but tries to stay professional. Chase convinces her, saying that he'll tell his colleagues about her great service. Finally, Rubi can resist no longer.

Didn't take long for this next door massage to turn steamy...

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Gorgeous girl but the hairy armpits killed my boner, a warning would've been nice...
2020-01-14 08:06
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She's really cute, but the movie could've been shot better
2019-11-19 07:37
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I love her tits
2019-11-15 19:19
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more hairy armpits please!
2019-11-14 01:38
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