Power Through

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Video Description: Crystal Taylor meets her newest client, Tyler Nixon, and begins to give him a relaxing standard massage. But as the massage continues, Crystal aggravates an old tennis injury, which makes it harder and harder for her to keep massaging. It becomes so hard that she has to end the session early, which, understandably, leaves Tyler disappointed.

Not wanting to lose her newest client, Crystal gets creative. To work around her injury, she'll give him a NURU massage!

It's not long before they are both naked and Crystal is slipping and sliding all over Tyler. Now she's using her whole body to massage him instead of her hands, which helps to take the pressure off. Of course, a NEW kind of pressure starts building as they get hotter and hotter because of all that oil and friction. Feeling better than ever, and thankful to Tyler for being so accommodating, it's time to give him something extra that will keep him coming back for more!

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Love Tyler's dirty talk
2021-05-11 11:51
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Miles Schlong
Between the amount of offscreen noise (who the hell was working zippers during the action?) and nasty sounds the gel was making, this was an audio nightmare. Honestly, the novelty of that nuru gel has long worn off for me, and unless you can find a regular girl who's an acrobat with the stuff like Jackie Lin, I'd rather nuru be discontinued.
2021-03-27 17:18
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Crystal does have a great looking pussy, there is no denying that. But does that large, garish tattoo really fit the aesthetic for this brand?

Much better contact from Crystal on the beginning of the Nuru Massage than on the Adira episode. Body contact, frim body contact, is key here.

Guys, you have to do something about that table you use ... the squishing sounds are kinda gross sounding – sounds like severe gastrointestinal disturbances.

And Tyler starts the arousal draining running commentary … between his mouth and the sounds the gel is making, I’m out. Thumbs Down.
2021-03-26 00:32
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Blue | Adult Time
Not sure I would have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out, but you're right about the table noises. Thank you for watching!
2021-03-26 08:42
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Very sad to see not 69ing!!!
2021-02-25 19:06
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2021-02-26 02:51
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