Practicing On Her Parents

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Video Description: Aften Opal has big dreams of becoming a world-class masseuse! She's busy studying for an exam but is so frustrated that her stepdad, Brad Newman, comes over to check on her. Aften explains that she just doesn't understand how the techniques work and needs to be more hands-on to learn... In fact, maybe she can practice on Brad!

Although he's hesitant at first, Brad just wants to see his teen stepdaughter succeed, so agrees to let her practice on him. After they strip down and break out the mattress, Aften pours oil all over herself and Brad, then begins slipping and sliding along him. To her surprise, Brad insists that she's doing a really good job! It's only then that Aften realizes she needs to practice on a woman, too, which is when Brad calls in his wife, Aften's stepmother, Sheena Ryder.

When Sheena arrives, she is enthusiastic and eager to help her stepdaughter. She soon strips down as well and sprawls out on the mattress. Aften eagerly massages her, happy to finally apply everything she's learned on paper in real life. Of course, the sight of two naked, beautiful, glistening women causes Brad to pop a boner. Instead of being embarrassed, they decided to ALL take a sexy study break!

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2021-05-05 19:47
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Would have preferred only Aften practicing on Brad Newman. Threesomes are almost always losers, chaotic, and leave one half empty at the end, because which ever girl one prefers, she's not getting the full attention of the man, but sporadic, chaotic with bad camera angles action.
2021-04-10 06:05
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This is a stupid channel just like most of the channels on this site. Why are the people in charge of AdultTime obsessed with incest? WTF is wrong with them? Did they all fuck their parents?
2021-01-30 21:59
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I love to watch guys jerking themselves off. You should have a whole channel with guys doing solo wanks.
2021-01-28 02:35
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Aussie Fan
Love watching Sheena and Aften, great scene, thank you all.
2021-01-25 14:25
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