Rebound Massage

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Starring Avi Love, Romeo Price
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Video Description: Avi Love is sick of all the bad luck shes been having dating women so she tries her luck for love through online dating. After one date with a pervert, she decides to try Nuru Massage with Romeo Price. She makes it clear to him that her intentions are to get fucked today, no matter what. They take off their clothes and hop into the shower where Romeo gently massages Avi's perky boobs and bushy pussy. In the warm bath, Avi insists on getting fucked and with Romeo's big cock already stiff, he glides his rod inside of her tight pussy. After a few pumps, Avi thinks more foreplay is necessary so Romeo leads her to the Nuru bed to heighten her sexual appetite. Romeo pours the nuru gel over Avi's flawless body and gently glides his hands over her boobs and pussy making her moan with sexual excitement. Romeo kisses her softly and asks her if she's ready to have her pussy filled. He spreads her legs apart and enters her tight pussy slowly until she begs for more of his cock in different positions, making Romeo pop over her hairy bush.

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She's hard to find on the more established sites. I simply love this girl. I love the face, the ass, and that bush is to die for. Since I'm a big fan of the bush, Avi is just a plus. I don't care for big tits. I hate huge tits. Avi fits my idea of the hot girl.
2018-08-20 07:04
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She's is super cute
2017-11-11 09:16
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