Saving The Parlor

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Video Description: Quinton James, a city councilman, arrives at the massage parlor and tells the owner, Vanna Bardot, that he's there to shut it down since he's been getting complaints about unsavory activity there. She offers to give him a massage to prove that her business is legit. He agrees.

They proceed to the massage room. She takes off her clothes and his eyes widen at the sight of her naked body. But, pretending not to be interested in her, he shakes his head and looks away. He takes off his clothes and lays down on the mat.

Vanna pours NURU gel on his back and begins to body slide on him. He grumbles and complains, although it quickly becomes obvious that he is enjoying it but stubbornly covering up his enjoyment.

Soon, Vanna asks Quinton to flip over onto his back and she begins to body slide on his front. As she does so, he continues to put up a front of outrage, but the more he protests, the more obvious it is that he's actually getting aroused by the massage.

Eventually, Quinton is lulled into a state of erotic relaxation and in spite of himself, seems to be loosening up, his complaints ceasing. Soon, without realizing it, he gets a boner. He becomes embarrassed and puts his hands over his hard dick, again trying to cover up his arousal with indignation.

But try as he might to hide it, Vanna knows EXACTLY what Quinton wants!

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It would be an excellent idea, to place the subtitles in Spanish to all the videos
2021-04-10 17:47
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it turns out this genre is not as much fun without the shower or bath. by skipping right to the massage, they jump past most of the opportunities to play with the boundary between service and sex. this scene goes from 0-60 in basically one instant, when he flips over.

too bad, because vanna has the acting chops to go with her smouldering good looks.
2021-04-10 01:58
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Personally I am full over attempts to make porn that is cheesy, goofy, tongue-in-cheek or light-hearted. That destroys my enjoyment and my arousal. I like passion, heat, sensuality, reality, not comedy, in porn. So right off the bat my enjoyment is dampened by the tongue-in-cheek nature of the films approach.

So I note that you’ve changed the music – I appreciate the attempt at canning the goofy, cheesy, light-hearted affairs that normally dominate your productions, however; if the tone/tenor of the film itself doesn’t match the chosen dramatic music it furthers the dissonance. I like the attempt it simply doesn’t match the dialog and tongue-in-cheek nature of it’s setup.

Thank you very much for showcasing the sweet and sexy Vanna Bardot's nude body first on screen.

Quentin moans too much during massage and sex, prefer the men to be much more quiet, Vanna’s moans need to be front and center and the most often. I’d also like to hear dialog from Vanna during sex – not scripted lines but just some sweet nothings and/or dirty talk from time to time.

Found it frustrating that at 34::26 you have Vanna in what us foot-fetishists know as “The Pose” – belly down, legs bent at the knee and feet in the air behind her as she gives fellatio. We know it and have known it for decades as The Pose. And here, in The Pose, you cut her feet out of frame. Super frustrating. Costs you nothing to have them in frame.

And lastly, it’s yet another male talent that we have to watch jack himself off manually onto the face of his female co-star, unable to cum with Vanna herself. Real tired of that – there’s a myriad number of ways to get around this - take the time to have her suck him off, even off-camera and then roll when he announces to you, the director, “I’m going to cum soon” then you roll and bang, you’ve got it on camera. Is things so cash-strapped on all these sets there can’t be the time to take care of these things? It’d increase the quality of the average film significantly with proper endings, with the women finishing the job.

Why don’t you do Lesbian Nuru Massages? I know there’s All Girl Massage but there barely even massage over there, let alone Nuru style.
2021-04-09 20:55
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Miles Schlong
I felt like skipping this when I saw yet another bad porn beard, then it opened with "comedic" nonsense and inexplicable POV shots of the girl's face, and I knew in under a minute that it would be a waste of my time to continue.
2021-04-09 07:27
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Really I miss 69ing very much!
2021-04-08 18:05
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Why not 69ing? ... the best way of having oral sex!!!
2021-04-09 08:11
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