Tag-Teamed By My In-Laws

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Video Description: Rebecca Vanguard is excited about having dinner with her new in-laws, Aila Donovan and Steve Holmes. She's newly married into the family but hasn't had a chance to spend much quality time with them, which is why she's looking forward to the dinner.

As they wait for Rebecca's husband to arrive, she makes small talk with Aila and Steve, who seem very handsy and eager to get to know their new daughter-in-law better. In fact, they come on so strong that Rebecca starts to get nervous and tense. Since they're both massage therapists, they offer to give Rebecca a massage to help her relax before dinner. Not wanting to disappoint her in-laws, Rebecca agrees.

Of course, she's surprised when the massage ends up being a NURU massage! She's even MORE surprised when the in-laws admit that they didn't even invite their own son to the dinner -- they wanted Rebecca all to themselves. What better way is there to get to know someone than with an intimate massage??

Rebecca's concerns about their sneakiness quickly disappear as Aila body slides all over her. Rebecca's so hot and bothered, her pussy so wet, that when her in-laws suggest letting them give her a happy ending, she's game. She's already looking forward to future family gatherings to get to know them even better!

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Amanda MacDonald
I love the concept of the wicked couple getting together to act out their nasty desires on the innocent young girl. I love to see her manipulated and used by people she trusts, but that trust is betrayed in the most brutal way possible.
2021-02-24 06:02
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My best porn happy 2021 fantasy massage.
2020-12-31 22:22
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old man
2020-12-15 10:51
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2020-12-10 10:56
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Another good effort but one that felt a little off to me, for a couple reasons. Steve is one of the great cocksmen of the industry, done tons of great work, and as far as his dicking down skills go, there's no complaint there. However, for Family Sex Massage (and within the description of the scene it being a Nuru type) it sort of demands a male talent (if there is one) that has things put together a bit more, shall we say. This isn't a shot at Steve even being an older gentleman, not at all, rather the weird tanning (shins tan, ankles feet and shorts area white, arms tan, just a real calico look) combined with a bit of overall soft sort of look, it's just not as aesthetically pleasing as I think this sort of scene warrants (the whole whole body rubbing against one another while oiled up thing). Again, Steve is a great performer, a legend in the industry and can still dick'em down with the best of them. I felt that little blowup mattress was a touch on the cheap side as a prop, the performers struggled to work with it a few times, getting it in position, staying on it, also undersized for what the intended use was for; became a distraction. Lastly, I noticed on Rebecca's scene for "Cum Swap Cuties" she had a helluva time holding her stomach when cum hit her mouth, I took the time to look back on her scenes here on AT and noticed that it was either the 1st or 2nd time she's taken one to the face/mouth, all the others had been body/tits/etc. Well, the trend continues with this one, a pop on Aila's stomach, to which Aila rubs a bit on Rebecca's cheeks, Rebecca looking uncomfortable, trying to pull away a bit/duck her head on the third or so wipe. Then we see Rebecca hop onto Aila and grind the pop shot between their bellies and chests. It strikes me it must be a tough thing being in B/G films as a female performer and having such a rough time working with cum - perhaps her agent should work more on her being in G/G features instead?
2020-10-16 09:55
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Agree with everything. I think he does better under the "Pure Taboo" lighting scheme these days than he does in the overly lit scene here. Love Aila here....well, in general...
2021-02-05 23:20
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