The Sheik

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Video Description: Abby and Chloe are enjoying their girls only vacation, when a Business man approaches them, asking to take $5000 each to give a massage to some guy who's an oil sheik. Confused, the girls ask if it's just a massage, and the guy reassures them, but adds that they will need to use a specific gel.... Nuru Gel. The Sheik has the ladies try out the gel for themselves before getting started on him. The Sheik is pleased to have them massage him. Abby is nervous about how far Chloe is going, but it's clear Chloe is into him when she swallows his huge cock. Abby is surprised again, but before long, all three are sharing each other. Both girls get a chance to slide around on his cock, and they even get to taste each other's sweet pussies off him. In the end the Sheik has an experience like he never expected, and the girls get his cum-seal of approval

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Marco is a cretin, in everything he attempts.
I like the rest of this, the ladies are superb, but he's an insane egotistical moron.
2015-08-31 22:04
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Your jealousy is understandable. Abby and Chloe are incredible.
2016-10-28 09:03
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Great Scene, always love Abby Cross!!! More closeups of the dicksucking would have been nice, though. Besides of that: A "Sheik" with a tatoo "I love Fiona" - LOL!!!
2015-03-07 06:01
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@ user_21859649 "More closeups of the dicksucking would have been nice!!!"

I couldn't agree more. The awesome cocksucking is what made great, sadly they seem to be getting away from that. All these guys from Brazzers and Naughty America complaining that FantasyMassage doesn't do what those other sites are doing, DUH! That's the point, FantasyMassage stands out exactly for that reason, because they don't copy what those pathetic sites do.

Please get back to what you do best, what made you, those awesome, close up, lengthy cock sucking shots!
2016-02-18 11:40
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A lot of Chloe Amour lately... and I can't complain
2014-05-19 22:07
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Hey there Lucy,

This was a good scene, I enjoyed it the sheik was funny at times and it made it a great scene. The two woman picked for this did a great job. The brunette one was my favorite. I liked the whole idea of the girls having to service the sheik it was good how they massaged him and serviced him well to completion.

The fucking was great. the only drawback I saw with this was I wish the brunette was fucking toward the camera in reverse cowgirl so I could see her pussy and the cock going in and out. I also would have liked to see her feet a little more as I have a foot fetish.
2014-05-19 20:55
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Lucy J.
Hey guys, I'm just dying to hear what you think of The Sheik! We already have some creative fire burning to shoot a sequel to this scene! Let us know what you think! ~Lucy
2014-05-16 08:42
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