Trying Out The New Masseuse

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Video Description: Codey Steele is a new assistant to massage parlor owner, Reagan Foxx. He's eager to learn all about his new position as Reagan shows him around. After the tour, he asks about NURU massages since it seems to be set up differently than the other types of massages offered. Rather than explain it to Codey, though, Reagan insists that it's time to interview a candidate to potentially become a new masseuse.

Codey does his job, retrieving Whitney Wright and bringing her to Reagan for the interview. It seems like Whitney is a great match for the company, though Reagan throws Codey for a loop when she insists that Whitney massages him! He's flustered and tries to talk his way out of it but Reagan reminds him that he's her assistant -- he's supposed to help her whenever and however possible. How else can she observe Whitney's practical skills?

Codey shyly gives in, and it's not long before they're both naked on the mattress. As Reagan keenly watches, Whitney gives Codey an erotic massage, doing her best to win Reagan over. Meanwhile, Codey is just trying to remain professional, although it's nearly impossible! He's falling for Whitney fast under her skilled hands and is embarrassed when he gets hard.

Reagan is unfazed by this as she instructs Whitney to give Codey a full-service massage. Codey can hardly believe his luck as Whitney dutifully wraps her mouth around his cock, smoothly preparing him for what's to come. To help her nail the interview, Codey happily nails Whitney in front of his boss, but will it be enough?

Story inspired by an original submission by Fantasy Massage member, Sapphlix!

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Really a fan of this 'boss makes sure you can fuck' narrative. Tickles my exhibitionism kink!
2020-02-03 17:50
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I love the casual atmosphere, and though I wish Reagan would have joined, or at least have her touch herself while trying not to, like she's trying to remain professional.

Overall would love to see more like this!!!
2019-09-19 14:07
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Easy wonderful. Please continue some like this. It would be very great to see Whitney Wright into a serie called: "The training of trainee masseuses" and into a serie: "The competition of masseuses". Thanks a lot. All the best.
2019-09-08 02:32
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Can anyone really blame Codey for getting a hard on with a naked Whitney giving him a message. This was a fun Nuru scene, and Whitney continue to show again what an aesome performer she is. My thanks to everyone involved.
2019-09-07 15:21
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I see this didn't meet the incels 'needs' :D ; fuck them and their sad lives. That was seriously hot as hell <3 Thanks for Not editing out the sweet sounds of sex that so many clips do. So much reality added that the engage factor is solid. ps: came to watch (nopun) when I saw Whitney's name attached ! :)
2019-09-06 13:55
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I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Thank you!
2019-09-07 00:22
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