Up To No Good...

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Video Description: Aften Opal is bored as she waits for her mom, a masseuse, to finish her shift. She just needs a ride home but she's stuck there until her mom is done for the day. Aften is so bored that she even offers to help her mom, though her mom sternly tells her that she has to stay put. She could get in trouble if her daughter's caught around the clients!

After Kayla leaves, Aften mopes around... until Alex Legend walks in and mistakes her for a masseuse. Since Aften is bored and Alex is hot, she decides to roll with it, pretending to indeed be a masseuse!

Since Aften's never given a massage before, she blunders her way through the setup. Although Alex is a bit concerned, Aften's confidence wins him over as she assures him that she's got everything under control. When she accidentally spills extra gel on his back, she decides to make it part of the massage... by slipping and sliding her own naked body along Alex's!

Although bewildered, Alex is all over this new kind of massage. Things eventually get hot and heavy when Aften sets her sights on his cock. She decides to end the massage with a nice happy ending for Alex, and he has no complaints as she starts by sucking his cock. When Aften soon eagerly takes his cock into her pussy, she's definitely not bored anymore!

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Cajun John
Aften Opal is a joy. I love watching her. She has a great body and face. And personality.
2020-04-18 09:34
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Disgusting stubby rubber dick didn't do much to help super hot Aften. WTF do find these fucking losers who barely penetrate 1/2 and inch with a lot of effort. The only reason I don't rate this a thumbs down is because of Aften's amazing beauty and great ass.
2020-03-10 06:42
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Aften is a joy to watch here as always, but Alex seems to be bored somehow. Pity, cuz it weakens the scene
2020-02-17 03:04
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