Who Says I ONLY Like Girls?

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Video Description: A man, Lucas Frost, arrives on a doorstep for what's supposed to be a dinner with his lesbian boss and her wife, secretly hoping for a promotion. The wife, Adira Allure, answers the door and lets him in, awkwardly explaining that the boss got called in for yet ANOTHER work emergency and should be back in a couple of hours. In the meantime, Adira has to entertain him and she apologizes for the trouble.

Lucas is a bit taken aback but is determined to see this through (mostly because he's hoping to stay on his boss's good side). He's understanding and quite gentlemanly as he offers to help Adira with dinner in the meantime. But as they get to know each other, they quickly bond. Adira is thankful for his help and company, commenting that he is way more attentive than her wife...

The more Adira opens up, the more Lucas realizes how unhappy she is. It seems as though his boss just doesn't make the time for Adira anymore, and his heart goes out to her. He even learns that Adira is a masseuse, which he'd never heard his boss mention, though this doesn't surprise Adira. That's when he's offered a massage to help pass the time. Although he's nervous, he eventually agrees to the massage since he doesn't want to be impolite. But things quickly get steamy and Adira, starved for intimacy, is ready to show him that, unlike her lesbian wife, SHE doesn't only like girls!

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Tow God
Adira's inane giggling and fake smile was a huge turn off.
2021-02-26 18:01
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I really though Adira looked beautiful, especially in the beginning, smiling, her eyes lighting up, that deep red lipstick. Overall though I thought the Nuru Massage portion was lacking, it didn't look like she made great contact with him, it was a bit rushed too. I also would have liked to seen her massage him with her hands more, that was one of the defining things I liked so well about the Paige Owens/Jay Smooth Nuru Massage episode, just how much Paige was enjoying filling her hands. In that one, too, I like how Jay grew erect from her body rubbing him, naturally. In this, Lucas took FOREVER to get hard, noodling for a long time during oral and the start of sex. When the sex did start? Lucas couldn't find a proper stroke to save his life - short stroking, little to no movement. Overall it felt pretty stultified. Shame, too, as I was looking forward to this one, always look forward to Adira. I will give props to Lucas though for allowing us to hear Adira and not being overly noisy.
2021-02-26 17:13
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threesome lucas frost with most blowjob his big balls! :))
2021-02-26 04:47
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More Lucas Frost! More Lucas Frost! More Lucas Frost!!
2021-02-26 04:22
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Blue | Adult Time
Happy you enjoyed the scene!
2021-02-26 08:08
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Really I am missing 69ing very much!!!
2021-02-03 09:53
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This is essentially spam commenting at this point. Every time it’s the same thing.
2021-02-25 17:08
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69 is the worst position for a director to shoot. You have action at both ends and there's only a few limited ways to shoot it. You're either zoomed out completely so all you see one body on top of the other, focused on one only so you miss the action on the other side, or you're constantly switching back and forth it ends up ruining the flow of the scene.

That's why nobody shoots a lot of 69 content and when it is done it only occupies a handful of minutes of a scene.
2021-02-26 19:50
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